Young people want sustainable food. In Clips for Brands schoolkids address the CEOs of global food brands with video messages. Their videos have been shown on screens all over the Netherlands. This is the response they got.

The youthful makers have some powerful advice for the big food bosses. Now all they want is a response from the CEOs. Watch their animations and meet the makers here.

A message for NESTLÉ

From Thijs and Jan

On Behind the Brands, Thijs Sengers (14) and Jan Bernts (14) saw that Nestlé is doing well, but still does not always deal well with the rights of female workers. Female cocoa farmers have a particularly difficult time. Thijs and Jan made a clip in which a woman has to work very hard and runs through the green fields like a Teletubby. Their advice: let women work quietly, then you will have happy female cocoa farmers.


From Daan, Jasper and Robin

Daan Reijnen (15), Jasper van der Molen (14) and Robin Poels (15) made an animation clip about Coca-Cola. "Coca-Cola is a brand that we know well and like. On 'Behind the Brands' we could see that this company does not treat fairly with farmers. In the clip we show that the slogan "Open Happiness for everyone" does not yet apply to everyone."

A message for DANONE

From Emma and Cliff

In their clip, Emma Braam (15) and Cliff Janssen (15) depict the difference between the life of Franck Riboud, the CEO of Danone, and the life of factory worker Evian. Emma and Cliff advocate a fair share; the life of a worker is just as important as that of a big boss. Emma and Cliff show this with a scale that is balanced again.

A message for MONDELÊZ

From Rick and Sven

Rick van As (14) and Sven Reijnen also love chocolate, especially Milka chocolate from snack manufacturer Mondelêz. But the multinational has a bad policy on deforestation. In their animation, Rick and Sven show how the situation was prior to the arrival of Mondelêz and the situation after. They ask CEO Irene Rosenfeld, in a humorous way, to stop felling and to start planting.